The 54 distinctive countries that make up the African Union are some of the most diverse on the entire planet thanks to the differences in climate, languages, past European influences, and the impact that war has had on communities. With this amalgamation ever-present, the continent remains one of the most exciting and innovative as it relates to modern fashion because it is often the smaller pockets of culture which drive new and exciting aesthetics to the surface.

With notable fashion weeks in key markets like South Africa, Congo, Kenya and Tanzania, there is also data which suggests that countries like Nigeria and Angola are some of the leading consumers of luxury brands on the planet thanks to their immense economic stability which places them at first and sixth based off their GDP and PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) in the region.

Recently, Munich-based brand, A King Of Guise, released a lookbook that was inspired by surf culture along the West African coastline which solidifies the notion that African styles and trends continue to inspire fashion on a broader scale.

For a greater understanding of prominent fashion subcultures in Africa, look no further than these five groups.

Full article : https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/african-fashion-subcultures/

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