Valentino Taps Elsa Majimbo for New Book

The comedian and social media star Elsa Majimbo reveals the background of her collaboration with Valentino in the creation of a one-of-a-kind book dedicated to adults and children.

Valentino got in touch with Elsa to create what is the first in a series of cultural projects of the Maison, with an educational and inclusive focus. The result of this special meeting is the book ” The Alphabet for Kids and Adults “, a volume that harmoniously combines depth of content and an inevitable comic streak, each letter of the alphabet has two definitions, sayings or lines, dedicated on one side to an audience of adults and on the other to the little ones. A book that unites generations, makes them meet, builds a tool for reflection for the years to come. This collaboration marks Elsa’s debut in the fashion world and in the awaiting the launch of the book, which will take place on March 20, we met her via Zoom to let us preview all the background of the collab.

“It’s co created/ written by the hilarious Mo Kheir. I liked the fact that different generations can be connected. At a time when we are all at home and especially families. The fairy-tale-themed 3D illustrations are by Pepijn Temming, a Dutch digital artist who worked hard to create small, letter-by-letter graphic worlds. It will initially be honored to the Maison’s “friends” and to my fans.”

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