Wikipedia is looking to charge big tech for use of its service

The Wikipedia Foundation, the non-profit that operates Wikpedia, has announced the debut of its new commercial product: Wikimedia Enterprise. It will launch later this year and offer “paid developer tools and services that make it easier for companies and organizations to consume and re-use Wikimedia data,” according to the Wikimedia Enterprise landing page. The service is designed to more precisely deliver Wikipedia data over to large companies and in time smaller organizations.

Big tech companies will still have the option to use Wikipedia’s services in their current capacity, but the system isn’t incredibly efficient. It involves sorting through overwhelming updates every two weeks, which deliver large, updated packages of every article on the Wikipedia. These packages are currently free of charge but involve no curation or assistance on Wikipedia’s part, and there are reportedly entire teams at Amazon, Google and the like which sort through this information as it comes.

In contrast, Wikimedia Enterprise will deliver real time changes tailored to the requirements and formats of any given tech company and offer dedicated teams for customer service and troubleshooting. In other words, a version of Wikipedia worth investing in — especially for corporations which splash out $2 billion USD on real estate.

Source Wired

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