theSystem Inc. * is a new kind of creative ecosystem within the industry that merges Culture, Media, Philosophy and Technology .

theSystem * was founded upon the philosophy of creating an eco-system of creativity that reimagines how the market discovers and interacts with the cultural industries .

Our platform features inspiring activities and conversations with today’s artists, philosophers, makers, and risk-takers. Focusing on beginnings, creativity, and risk. theSystem * provides a memorable look into the lives of its subjects via conversations, features, film-based projects and events.


We prioritize quality over quantity. We aren’t interested in pushing out click bait, non-stories or one-dimensional content. In alignment with our core mission to support creatives and thought leaders, we predominantly work with young people, students and emerging talent by providing a platform for them to challenge their industry as well as to share their practice and philosophy with the world. We do this by putting a spotlight on them and their work and by telling stories which confront the issues most important to creatives today.


Founded and Directed by Cole Deen, best known as the creative director of his eponymous brand ColeDeenInc. , a contemporary designer brand based in Nairobi – At the helm of theSystem * his aim and vision is to progress the evolution of culture and society by drawing on a mantra formulated around a dedication to cultural advancement and sustainability. Within his role as Publisher and Creative Director, Cole brings together a host of renowned contributors from all over East Africa, while himself being based in Nairobi and working with an established and committed creative team in the Nairobi metropolis.