Mvoo Wanje : " I aim to tell the African , Nairobi story from my perspective” Published on Wednesday, July 8 2020 : Mvoo Wanje by theSystem * Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at bonkerz? My Name is Mvoo Wanje I am the owner and head designer /curator for Bonkerz. How … Continue reading INTERVIEW : MVOO WANJE

Interview with Fashion Designer Kelvis Makumi

Bringing together bold, contemporary design and experimental form, Groom It Africa is a African fashion brand based in Nairobi. Interested in translating conceptualism into wearable products, Kelvis (the designer of Groom It Africa) is often inspired by paradox and enigma. He is also concerned with innovation and sustainability and often utilises unusual materials in his pieces. System speaks to … Continue reading Interview with Fashion Designer Kelvis Makumi

Naomi Campbell to work with local fashion industry

Renowned model, actress, and fashion icon Naomi Campbell has pledged to work with the local fashion industry in an aim to get them onto a globally competitive platform. The New Times’ Collins Mwai interviewed Campbell who was in the country for the 15th Gorilla naming ceremony, Kwita Izina where she was one of the namers of the 25 baby … Continue reading Naomi Campbell to work with local fashion industry

honoring plaid’s african roots

While en route to the beautiful city of Kigali for the Rwandan Collective Fashion Week, I made a pit stop in Nairobi, Kenya to chase down the Maasai market. The market itself is almost as nomadic as the actual tribe, moving around the capital from day to day with its overwhelming spread of beautiful Kenyan … Continue reading honoring plaid’s african roots