Cole Deen : "Ideas are far to alienating ... I like things that bring people together that's the energy." Published Friday, November 13 2020 | Cole Deen by Olubayi Ajaa for theSystem * This is “And Who is,” for all your need-to-know information on the need-to-get-to-know voices in culture. Think of it as a blind … Continue reading INTERVIEW : COLE DEEN


Vincenzo Cavallo : "In order to have a strong film industry you need freedom" Published Saturday, October 24 2020 | Vincenzo Cavallo by theSystem * Vincenzo Cavallo’s films are hard to classify. Somewhere between reality and avant-garde cinema, they’ve found audiences in both the art world and mainstream pop culture. It’s a testament to the … Continue reading INTERVIEW : VINCENZO CAVALLO


Onkwani Frank : "Be true to yourself and your style. Work hard, push your limits always." Published Monday, September 28 2020 | Onkwani Frank by theSystem * Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with what you do now? My name is Onkwani frank, but i go by … Continue reading INTERVIEW : ONKWANI FRANK


Nancy Njeri : "Focus on the value you provide and the rest will flow" Published Saturday , September 12 2020 | Nancy Njeri by theSystem * Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into what you do now? My name is Nancy Njeri , I’m 22 years old strathmore university to … Continue reading INTERVIEW : NANCY NJERI


Moira Bush : "I make my work for whoever it moves… The form they take is out of my control" Published Saturday , August 15 2020 | Moira Bush Kimani by theSystem * Could you please tell us a bit about your background and how you got into Art? I was born in Mombasa (1990)and … Continue reading INTERVIEW : MOIRA BUSH KIMANI


Ikonya Warachi : "The figure doesn't matter us much as the soul it possesses." Published Wednesday, July 29 2020 | Ikonya Warachi by theSystem When did you discover art and what was the pivotal moment when you decided to be an artist? I discovered art while i was still a little boy, growing up in … Continue reading INTERVIEW : IKONYA WARACHI


Olubayi Ajaa : "There really isn't anything I want to say with my style other than this is how I feel about myself on the inside." Published Friday, July 24 2020 | Olubayi Ajaa by theSystem * Tell us about about your background and how you found creativity and who or what you are today? … Continue reading INTERVIEW : OLUBAYI AJAA OLUBAYI


Steve Newsteys : "Having a camera in your hands does not make you a photographer." Published Sunday, July 19 2020 : Steve Newsteys by theSystem * Tell us about your background and how you got into your job? Well after film class back in 2015 i started working at my dad's studio and my passion … Continue reading INTERVIEW : STEVE NEWSTEYS


James Gikonyo : "I shoot things as they are and create my own trends." Published Thursday , 16 July 2020 | James Gikonyo by theSystem * Talk to us a bit about how and when you became interested in photography? I became a photographer in 2014 at a friend's modeling agency after a plan to … Continue reading INTERVIEW : JAMES GIKONYO


Daddo OmutitiI : "My ambition is to change the face and narrative of our ghettos" Published Saturday, 11 July 2020 | Daddo Omutiti by theSystem * Tell us a bit about your background and how you got started as an Artist? I am a graffiti writer and street artist since 2018, a member of the … Continue reading INTERVIEW : DADDO OMUTITII